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Recommended Books: Hermeneutics and Culture

The science of sacred interpretation (Hermeneutics) is extremely important in learning how to [...]

Tips for the Invitation and the Invitation Song

Offering an invitation for response to your sermon falls into the realm [...]

Pentecost Preaching Had Content

One thing about which Wendell Winkler was adamant as he taught his students [...]

Good Books on Apologetics and Recent Articles that are Worth Your Time

You probably saw recent research about the rise of the “Nones” in America [...]

How to Counsel

Adapted from Wendell Winkler, The Preacher and His Work (c. 1987) Rules [...]

Four Types of Conclusions

Maybe you are saying, “Help! All my conclusions sound the same.”  Last [...]

Joseph in Potiphar’s House

The word “temptation” is found sixteen times in the King James Version of [...]

Pentecost Preaching Called for a Change of Conduct

Those convicted of killing the Christ asked the question, “Men and brethren, what [...]

A Good Book on Preaching and Several Links for Your Reading Pleasure

You’ve probably read different kinds of preaching books, but most of them likely [...]

Recommend Books: Geography and Archaeology

Understanding the physical context of the people of the Bible often opens up [...]