Off to a Good Start: Snowflakes & Crafting Points

//Off to a Good Start: Snowflakes & Crafting Points


Brother Winkler gave us several cautions for the preacher, regarding word choice in [...]


Wendell Winkler would emphasize in Homiletics about the vital role tone of voice [...]

You Can Preach Without Notes: A Primer

David Murray, a preacher in the Reformed Church denomination, makes an observation I [...]

Leonard Johnson Looks At The Preaching Styles Of Preachers Of Old

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, the late Leonard Johnson spoke to [...]

Ways To Avoid Pulpit Monotony: Object Lessons

When preachers veer into homiletic ruts, their sermons can get out of alignment. [...]


 I-nteresting (illustrations are to grab attention or make the point memorable; beware of [...]

Tips for the Invitation and the Invitation Song

Offering an invitation for response to your sermon falls into the realm [...]

Four Types of Conclusions

Maybe you are saying, “Help! All my conclusions sound the same.”  Last [...]

The Conclusion of a Sermon

In our class, The Preacher and His Work, brother Winkler emphasized that no preacher [...]

An Example of A Sermon Outline

The following is an abbreviated form of an outline I recently preached at [...]