By the Book: Precepts for Preachers of Today and Tomorrow

//By the Book: Precepts for Preachers of Today and Tomorrow

That Which Brings Shame And Reproach Upon the Church

In the old days, preachers called on those who brought “shame and reproach [...]

That Which May Harm Me Spiritually

Paul wrote, “ Therefore, brethren, we are debtors, not to the flesh, to [...]

That Which Would Cause Another To Go Astray

Brother Winkler told the story of a blind man walking the streets at [...]

That Which Harms or Jeopardizes My Influence

“Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost [...]

That Which Violates My Conscience

On one occasion Brother Winkler gave the two following “sentence sermons.” The first [...]

That In Which I Cannot Ask Christ To Participate With Me

In a discussion with Moses, God informs him it is time to start [...]

This Thing I May Not Do

“Class, whenever you come across an interesting phrase as you are studying, put [...]

An Unquestionable Unimpeachable Character

Many are those, including some who are preachers, who are forced by their [...]

An Unwavering Confidence in the Importance of His Work

How sad is the person who believes what he does in life is [...]

Possessions of Paul, The Powerful Preacher: A Deep Passion for the Lost

What was the driving force that moved Paul to preach in spite of [...]