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An Unquestionable Unimpeachable Character

Many are those, including some who are preachers, who are forced by their [...]

Some good stuff for preachers . . .

Preaching Magazine Announces Albert Mohler’s Top 10 Books for Preachers in 2015 by [...]

An Unwavering Confidence in the Importance of His Work

How sad is the person who believes what he does in life is [...]

Possessions of Paul, The Powerful Preacher: A Deep Passion for the Lost

What was the driving force that moved Paul to preach in spite of [...]


I’ve got just one thing to share today, but it’s pretty good. You [...]

Possessions of Paul, The Powerful Preacher: A Visible Sincerity

Douglas Adams, author of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, is reported to [...]

Internet Resources and Various Links

The normal caveat applies to the resources in today’s post: Eat the hay [...]

Book Recommendations: New Testament and Linguistic Tools

I’ve been working my way through a list of recommendations I recently received [...]

Paul: An Unquestioned Urgency About His Work

The word “urgent” is defined as “compelling or requiring immediate action or attention; [...]