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Pentecost Preaching Convicted of Sin

On the day of Pentecost, there is no doubt that Peter preached Jesus [...]

Rules for Sermon Writing

I ran across these “Rules for Sermon Writing” by Colin Adams not too [...]

Meet the Congregation

The Preacher and his Work, Wendell Winkler (c. 1987) Have you meet the [...]

Pentecost Preaching Set the Record Straight

The descension of the Holy Spirit upon the apostles brought two distinct reactions [...]

Preaching without Notes

There’s not a single right way to deliver sermons—some use an outline, some [...]

Recommended Books: Church History

Every Bible student needs to be a student of history. Bible events happened [...]

An Example of A Sermon Outline

The following is an abbreviated form of an outline I recently preached at [...]

Pentecost Preaching Reached A Definitive Deduction and Conclusion

In verse 22 of Acts chapter 2 Peter introduces the subject of his [...]

A Preacher’s Greatest Regret

I’m sure we’ve got preachers of various ages reading this blog. Some of [...]

How to Handle Deaths and Conduct Funerals

The Preacher and his Work, Wendell Winkler (c. 1987) Death is an opportunity [...]