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Wendell Winkler would emphasize in Homiletics about the vital role tone of voice [...]

When He Had Given Thanks

On at least two occasions Jesus miraculously provided food for the multitudes. And [...]

Useful Links

No book recommendations today, but here are a few good blog posts and/or [...]

Recommend Books: Debates

Wendell Winkler was a debater, as most preachers were in his younger years. [...]

You Can Preach Without Notes: A Primer

David Murray, a preacher in the Reformed Church denomination, makes an observation I [...]

Preachers and Their Wives

Mrs. Noah, Priscilla, Mrs. Peter, wives of other of the apostles, and others [...]

Learning About Preaching From Jeremiah: God’s Preacher Has A Place To Fill

God’s assurances to Jeremiah included these words: “For, behold, I have made thee [...]

Can we trust the Bible?

As our society becomes increasingly secular, we can no longer assume much common [...]

Suggested Books for Bible Study

Concordances: Robert Young, Analytical Concordance to the Bible, 1893. M. C. Hazard, [...]

Leonard Johnson Looks At The Preaching Styles Of Preachers Of Old

Nearly a quarter of a century ago, the late Leonard Johnson spoke to [...]