“Be Organized.”

If you ever sat in his class you are familiar with the phrase, “Number next.” Winkler may not have remembered the number of the point he was on, but one thing was certain, his lessons were always organized. From the “lead statement” which introduced each main point of a sermon (e.g. “Let us observe…”) to his precise formula for outlining a sermon (main point, Scripture, illustration, application) his analytical mind was always at work. In his classes, students were taught not to have “a conglomeration” which their hearers could not follow. He believed that without proper organization the audience would go away without taking anything with them. To him that was totally unacceptable.

He loved the Book of First Corinthians and would quote, “Let all things be done decently and in order” (1 Corinthians 14:40). Like balance and being normal, his organization extended beyond pulpit. He divided his day into three sections—he sought to work in only two of them. His numerous filing cabinets contained sermons, other important papers, and clippings found in his pursuit as “a hound for ideas.” He kept a rolling file beside his desk which contained his current projects which saved time in searching for materials. His skill at organizing lectureships and other programs were a sight to behold.

On and on the list could go, but again hear his words, “Class, be organized!”